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E18+ The very popular, very versatile high resolution printer using Xaar® 18mm High resolution print heads. Print up to 16lines of print from 1 to 90 metres a minute. Print with solvent or oil ink Make messages in ABC , Arabic , Chinese Cyrillic, barcodes logos Suitable for all industrial and materials 


A multi head high Resolution printer for nearly any porous or non porous flat surface and not so flat. full QWERTY keypad an operator can add external text, lot and batch numbers to the existing message without needing to change the message through a PC. The M800  High resolution Multi xaar® head printer  operating  upto 8x 18mm or 4x 34mm Xaar heads , either across the web or in many different positions . The m800 will also print with  2 x 70mm Xaar® heads. Stand alone or Connect  to a PLC  via WIFI Ehernet  or hard wire


M200 prints a band height of  34mm, 2 x 18mm or 2 colour print . PC or Keypad message creation and PLC. Prints all real time data, barcodes and logos, supports all language fonts.  Very simple to operate, almost maintenance free .  A wide range of inks are available for an excellent quality print on almost all surfaces.


U100 UV LED. Always ready to print. Ink never dries in the head and dries instantly when it passes the LED lamp. So simple to operate. PC or Keypad message creation and PLC.  Prints all real time data, barcodes and logos, supports all language fonts.


The IkonMac ICM CiJet 400 4 line printer is designed to be the easiest to operate CIJ in the World. 10,000 hours between servicing with only the filter to change.  The 400 is completely automatic, just press on to start and off to stop * . An open ink system allowing competitive inks to be used . This is a very economic high speed printer to own and run.

New E19 and U19

NEW E19   A completely independent standalone coding and marking printing system. Make your messages, variable QR codes and information straight onto the controller using the screen and keypad .Full Arabic right to left joined text.  Print solvent  or oil inks with High resolution Xaar® 18mm 2x 18 mm 34mm, Seiko® 72mm  up to 80meters a minutes  . Solvent or water inks with HP® TIJ cartridges New U19   UV LED printer, non-porous surface printing 16lines of print 18mm band, INSTANT DRY at 80 meters a minute.  A completely independent, standalone, coding and marking printing system. Make your messages, ABC .Variable QR codes and information straight onto the controller using the touch screen and keypad.  Full Arabic Right to left joined text. Print with High resolution Xaar® 18mm

SK series

The SK2000/3000 are designed as an easy to use standalone printer aThe Sk can print numeric digits, letters, and some symbols, but also real-time data such as time, date, shift, count, etc. It can operate on the keypad. it is easy to input the message. E700 New E700 is the same as the E19 but with the Seiko 72mm print head and a smart ink station. This allows the ink station to be positioned over and across the web . 


It has upto 6 print heads special for Eggs, also food grade ink available. It can also be used for any multi-line requiring identical messages on line of the product upto 1.5 meters across the conveyor.
UV LED ink air cooled Dryer lamps.  A Very competitively priced, low cost, simple UV LED drying system . Automatic on/ off activated with an encoder. Use for the 18mm and 34mm print heads
UV LED ink dryer systems. A full range of lamp sizes either air or water cooled. We can make systems to order please ask for more details.